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My name is Nikki and this is my heart

Do you want to hear a secret? I don't know where else to keep it..

Like a Butterfly, Shedding its Skin
12 February
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Please feel free to add me as a friend - I'm always interested in meeting new people, and am especially interested in making new friends in the Toronto area. Just comment to let me know that you've added me! Thanks! :)

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Hi! My name is Nikki, and I am currently 23, an Aquarius, have just finished at the University of New Brunswick. I'm now living in a brand-new apartment in Downtown Toronto and work as a Conflict Search Advisor for a law firm in the financial district.

Currently reading:
Blindness by Jose Saramago

Books read recently:
Love by Toni Morrison
Night by Elie Wiesel

Right now, my journal is friends-only, but I'd be happy to add you if you comment on the appropriate page.

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